Oakleigh's floral market is renowned for its talented florists, who create unique and beautiful arrangements for any occasion. Walking around Oakleigh's streets, you will be amazed by the stunning array of flowers, from traditional roses to exotic orchids, that are sourced from the highest quality flowers. Oakleigh's passion for flowers extends beyond its florists, with several lovely parks and gardens, including Warrawee Park and Scotchmans Creek Trail, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Oakleigh is also a melting pot of diverse cultures, with various dining options, including classic Greek restaurants and modern cafes. After picking up a bouquet from one of Oakleigh's florists, you can enjoy a nice meal in one of the suburb's many restaurants.

The Oakleigh Mechanics Institute, a historic structure from the 1880s, is an iconic symbol of the suburb's rich past that functions as a cultural hub today. It holds a variety of events and exhibitions showcasing Oakleigh's history and artistic talent.