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Same-Day Delivery - Monday to Friday

Orders must be received before 2:00 p.m. in the recipient's time zone to assure same-day delivery. Orders received after that time will be delivered the following day. Flower deliveries to residential addresses usually occur between 9:00am and 7:00pm, and flower deliveries to work addresses usually occur between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Please note that these delivery times will likely be extended during busy floral events including (but not limited to) Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

You might be interested in express deliveries (within 2 hours off time of order) please call for a price)

If the flowers are for a timed event (for example, a funeral or business function), we will do our best to assist.

Same-Day Delivery - Saturday & Sunday

Please phone us for deliveries of Saturday, Sundays and public holidays 

Delivery Confirmation

If you haven’t received our order confirmation and are simply wanting to know that your order has been received, please phone us on 03 95516633 or international callers on 61 3 95516633 . We can easily email you confirmation of the order if there has been a system glitch preventing us from sending confirmation first time around.

We always confirm delivery to you by email as soon as practicable following the delivery. Also, recipients generally contact you shortly after delivery to thank you for their gift either by phone, email or SMS.

Should you have reason to be concerned that your order hasn’t been delivered on the nominated day please firstly check your order confirmation to ensure the correct address was provided and then please confirm with your intended recipient that they aren’t in receipt of their gift. Be sure to have them check that it hasn’t been left at a front or back door that may not get used. Whilst we understand that this can be an uncomfortable call to make, we often find that there are reasons why the recipient hasn’t phoned you immediately upon receipt. Should the address be correct and you’ve spoken to the recipient who has confirmed they are not in receipt of your gift, please contact us within 24 hours and will be more than happy to investigate the matter further.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to the protection of personal information in compliance with National and International Privacy laws and in particular the Australian Privacy Amendment Act 2001

Credit Card Security

This website is secured using McAfee Secure. This ensures that all information sent to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. If any other Internet user intercepts the communication, he/she will only be able to see it in an encrypted (garbled) form. Certificate technology allows us to decrypt the information and view it in plain text form.

For additional security, you will be diverted to a bank's website where you enter your payment details.

We do not see your credit card number and do not have access to that information.

Substitution Policy

Images found on this site are used as guides only and may not be exactly the same as the final product. The stem count and contents for each product will vary due to regional availability and prices.

We reserve the right to make fair and reasonable substitutions according to the practical availability of flowers, items and containers.

Language on message card Policy

Our policy is to leave the card message in the language that the order was received in. We can print the message card exactly as scripted by you

Recipient 'Not At Home'

We are not responsible for deliveries if the recipient is not at the location at the time of delivery or if incorrect or incomplete information is provided. If you are the customer, you must make sure that the recipient will be at the location on the date given on the order form for delivery or provide alternate instructions. (such as leave delivery by front door or back door)

It is recommended that a contact phone number for the recipient be provided on the order form so that should the courier have difficulty locating the address or is having difficulties accessing a building, the courier can contact the recipient to check if they are at the location before they attempt to deliver the gift. If you do not wish the recipient to be contacted you need to provide alternative contact details

Fees & Charges
 prices include a delivery and service fee in the total price shown at the checkout.


 We do not guarantee the delivery of any product if one of the following occurs:

  • Recipient refuses to accept delivery of the gift.
  • Address provided is incorrect.

If one of these instances occurs, we may judge that the delivery has been made.


We cannot cancel any order that has already been made up, even if the order has not been delivered.


It is not normally policy to refund the price of the product. However, as every customer and gift is individual, (and therefore may require a decision on a case-by-case basis), please contact us so we can determine the best solution to the problem.

We are also able to provide other solutions, such as resending the gift to a different address (free of charge if local -  as per our list of free delivery areas - or for a fee if outside our free delivery areas) please phone for a price

Time Sensitive/ Difficult/ Hospital Deliveries

Due to the difficult nature of delivering for the following events/places, we  cannot guarantee delivery to certain locations/wards and times. We are happy to phone the recipient for more delivery instructions. Please provide recipients phone number.

Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not deliver flowers and gifts to PO Boxes or Locked Bag addresses.

Timed Deliveries

Timed deliveries by prior arrangement only, please phone for a price.


In Australia, it is illegal for alcohol to be purchased by or delivered to any person under the age of 18. The sender of the item is responsible for ensuring that their order complies with the law in this regard and absolves us of any responsibility in this regard.

Quality Assurance

Quality complaints must be received within 24 hours of delivery. A quality complaint is anything to do with an order that was delivered including but not limited to poor quality, missing items, expired items, wrong items, and value of items and so on. A photo is highly recommended for quick resolution to quality complaints.

Complaints received after this time frame will be considered on an individual basis, however after this time there is no guarantee of compensation.


By accessing, browsing or using this website, you agree to the terms, conditions and disclaimers. By purchasing an item advertised on this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any amendment will become effective immediately. Your continued use of this website after amendment constitutes an agreement to abide by and be bound by those Terms and Conditions, as amended.